The Savannah Sport Fishing Club was established in 1966 by an enthusiastic and ambitious group of sportfishermen in the Savannah, Georgia area, whose main objectives were to have organized fishing tournaments and to promote safety among its members.  Members of the newly-formed Club had been fishing offshore for many years.  However, organized tournaments were not seriously considered until a severe storm caught six boats fishing offshore in 1966.  A disaster was averted, but the incident provided the stimulus for the foundation of organized activities.


President Mic Sweeney
Vice President Robert Hale
Treasurer Will Schubert
Secretary Ryan Martin

Board Members

Bill Bradley ---- (2017) David Adams ---- (2017)
Mitch Pennington ---- (2017) David Valbuena ---- (2017)
Ryan Pace ---- (2018) Roger Calvert ---- (2018)
Richard Geriner ---- (2018) RJ Schmelter ---- (2018)
Scott Stroop ---- (2019) Jason Hall ---- (2017)
Mike Demell ---- (2019) Michael Kellogg ---- (2019)
Dave Hickey ---- (Past President)

Membership Application

We now have new membership applications. These applications have been redesigned to make them a little more user friendly. We will not be accepting the old applications any longer.

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