The Savannah Sport Fishing Club has several perpetual trophies, which are awarded each year to the fisherman (or woman) who achieves the success marked by the trophy.  Some of these have been in existence since the formation of the Club, and deserve a look from the historical perspective.

James Lynah Perpetual Trophy

The James Lynah Perpetual Trophy is presented annually to the Savannah Sport Fishing Club Participant of the Year. The basis for nomination will be participation in SSFC events, tournaments, weigh-ins, attendance at general meetings, assisting as a volunteer and enjoying the social aspects of our club activities. This is an individual award and not a boat or crew award. Current sitting board and executive committee members are ineligible to win this award.

The Ted Darvoe Angler of the Year Award

Ted Darvoe was a real pioneer of Gulf Stream fishing off the coast of Savannah.   Aboard his infamous "C-Pad," Ted was one of the first fishermen to make the 70-plus mile trip to the Stream on a regular basis.  He developed many of the techniques that are still used to this day for fishing the Stream.  Perhaps Ted's greatest attribute was his unselfishness in sharing all he had learned about Blue Water fishing with Club members.  The Darvoe Trophy was first awarded to Bruce Greene, in 1975.

The Rosalind Demere Trophy

Rosalind Demere was an enthusiastic, competitive"powderpuffer" who enjoyed fishing among the lady anglers.  She chaired the Powder Puff Tournament when her husband, Rob, was president of the club.  The trophy was given in memory of Rosalind by a group of ladies who admired her enthusiasm.  This trophy is awarded to the top anglers in the ladies' annual Powder Puff Tournament.

The Captain Bobby Haines Memorial Trophy

This trophy was established to recognize the top skipper in the club's original Billfish Tournament.  It is now awarded to the top skipper in the Blue Water division of the annual Shoot-Out Tournament.  Bobby Haines was the Captain aboard Bob Minis's "Lavango IV" from West Palm Beach, Florida.  He was instrumental in introducing different fishing techniques from South Florida to our club and the Savannah area.  The Club viewed him as a pioneer of sportfishing during its early years.  The Bobby Haines Trophy was first awarded to Richard Glendye, Jr., in 1979.

The Neil Mingledorff Skipper of the Year Trophy

Although the Skipper of the Year trophy has been around since 1971, it was renamed in Neil's honor in 1999.  Neil was instrumental in organizing the Club, and served as its first president, in 1967.  He was a Charter member and an Honorary member at the time of his death in 1998.   Neil was also the first recipient of the Skipper of the Year Trophy in 1971.

The Woody Woodward Memorial Trophy: Young Angler of the Year

Woody was one of the organizers the first Young Anglers Tournament in 1983.  He continued to promote youth recognition to the level it is today.  Woody was the Club's ninth President during the years 1984-1985.  His memorial trophy was presented to the Club by a group of members who often fished with Woody. 
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